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County Emergency Management Agency

County Emergency Management Agency

Jorie Altenhofen

Keokuk County Emergency Management

1303 200th Avenue

Sigourney, Iowa 52591

Emergency Management

The purpose of this position is to make certain that the components of the emergency management system know the threats to the jurisdiction, plan for emergencies, operate effectively in an emergency, and can conduct recovery operation after a disaster. The Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all the necessary activities to ensure effective operation of the emergency management system.

The EMA is a county-wide agency representing all unincorporated areas of the County and all incorporated cities. The commission consists of the Mayors of each incorporated city, the sheriff, and a member of the Board of Supervisors.

The emergency management Coordinator has the responsibility for coordinating all the components of the emergency management system in the jurisdiction. These components consist of fire and police, emergency medical service, public works, volunteers, and other groups contributing to the management of emergencies. Keokuk County Emergency Management Agency assists public officials, schools, hospitals, business, and industry and the public to promote preparedness, disaster response, recovery operations and will encourage mitigation efforts in all jurisdictions and to ensure the safety of all the residents of Keokuk County.

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