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Sheriff Sales

Sheriff Sales


Notice of Sheriff's Levy and Sale

Notices are posted in the Keokuk kcounty Courthouse and in the Sigourney New Review. Information is available at the Keokuk County Sheriff's Office, Sigourney, Iowa, 641-622-2727, as well.

This list includes the property address and date of sale. The legal description, along with the plaintiff and defendant, judgment amount, costs, etc. is available at the Keokuk County Sheriff's Office or on the Notice of Sheriff's Levy and Sale at above posted sites. All sales are conducted at the front door of the Keokuk County Sheriff's Office. Sales are subject to cancellation. Clear title is not guaranteed to real property sold at the Sheriff's Sale.

As Sheriff's Sales are buyer beware, it is HIGHLY recommended you contact an attorney before purchasing at a Sheriff's Sale as you may not be purchasing what you think you are. THE KEOKUK COUNTY SHERIFF"S OFFICE CANNOT GIVE LEGAL ADVICE.

Sheriff Sales - 2020 and Older Sales


         203 W Briney Street, What Cheer, IA  50268

12/19/2023*****  CANCELLED  *****

        306 N Ellis St, Keokta, IA  52248

10/31/2023*****  CANCELLED  *****

        204 W Penn Street, What Cheer, IA  50268


        310W Park Street, Ollie, IA  52576

06/27/2023*****  CANCELLED  *****

        14749 Keokuk Washington Road, Keota, IA  52248


         401 Miller Street, South English, IA 52335


         316 N East Street, Sigourney, IA  52591


         304 E Main Street, Richland, IA  52585


          819 Washington Street, Webster, IA  52355


          405 S 2nd Street, Ollie, IA  52576


          33807 305th Avenue, Richland, IA  52585

05/04/2021  *****  CANCELLED  *****

          917 S Main Street, Sigourney, IA  52591


           VBTOS-043400, VBTOS-043800, VBTOS-043900, VBTOS-044000

03/02/2021  *****  CANCELLED  *****

          408 W 6th Street, Hedrick, IA  52563


203 N East Street, Hedrick, IA 52563