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Solid Waste and Recycling



Monday/Wednesday/Friday 7:30-3:30

Saturday 8-12

Everything must be sorted.

Plastic - Any plastic bottle of container with the numbers "1,2,4,5,7" are recyclable. Please rinse.

Glass - All clear FOOD container bottles and jars. Please rinse. Colored glass is trash.

Metal- Aluminium foil, tin cans, and pie tins, can lids, etc. Please rinse.

Paper materials- Newspaper, magazines, books, junk mail, shredded paper, and cardboard can all go together. Cardboard boxes of bags with wax on the outside of them are trash.

White paper- Computer paper, plain white paper must be kept separate.

Any plastic bottles with the numbers "3 or 6", straws, plastic wrappers, chip bags, styrofoam, motor oil jugs, colored glass, grocery sacks, etc. are not recyclable. Liquid paint, varnish, hazardous chemical, Antifreeze are not acceptable material.

All Appliances - $15.00
Up to 29" - $10.00
32" and above - $15.00
Recliners - $6.00
Couches - $10.00
Hide A Bed - $20.00
Mattress - $8.00
Box Spring - $8.00
Car batteries - $5.00
Oil (per gallon) - ¢.25
Tires -(Add $1.00 if still on rim)
Car/ATV - $3.00
SUV/Truck - $5.00